Media Systems

Our Media Systems division ensures that individuals, small businesses and large corporate clients get their message across.

Our core business is photography, including studio shoots, wedding assignments and survey work for the building and aviation industries.

In addition, we specialise in the design, proofing and printing of top quality programmes, invitations and leaflets for both our own business needs and the needs of local organisations. We have professional printing facilities available with paper sizes ranging from A6 to A0++. We always have a good selection of paper and card in stock and are able to deal with small quantities on a very rapid turnaround. To enable small organisations to take advantage of the internet revolution at minimal cost, our Media Systems division is also responsible for our new
hosted4peanuts.com business.

hosted4peanuts.com provides good value web-hosting and on-line data collaboration services to local businesses, groups and organisations such as brownies, youth groups, nurseries and pre-school clubs. Unlike many other suppliers, we only charge on the basis of data transfer, rather than on the size of data stored so you can have a large, static website showcasing your organisation for negligible costs

hosted4peanuts.com is proud to support SEBíS ODYSSEY - the epic journey of a young man who walked the complete coastline of Britain between February and December 2008 - and has raised over £25,000 for charity